Vudu Brigada
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A cross chain digital luxury publication featuring fashion, art, and entertainment NFT brands
Vudu Brigada is the first NFT brand to launch a digital luxury magazine oriented towards NFT fashion, arts, and entertainment in the Cardano ecosystem. Introducing Brigada magazine.
We are partnering with several NFT brands across multiple blockchains - including Ethereum, Solana, Flow, VeChain, Polygon, and XRP.
Our debut Brigada February 2023 issue features a Vudu Brigada humanoid on the cover - an exciting foreshadowing of what’s to come for our brand. Issue 0 features the voices behind Exclusible, The Fabricant, and Future Fest, amongst others.
Brigada includes advertising space that we expect to be a fruitful revenue generator for continued brand development.
Advertising enquiries should be sent to [email protected]