Vudu Brigada
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Gian Nobilee

World renowned EDM DJ and producer Gian Nobilee
Gian Nobilee is Vudu Brigada’s first brand ambassador!
Gian is a world renowned EDM DJ and producer that signed on with us to market Vudu Brigada to his audience and the greater EDM community.
Gian joined our team in December 2022, at which time we debuted our partnership for the first time on Spatial.io. Gian’s 3D, custom, and animated Vudu spun Gian’s own tracks while the Cardano NFT community walked our gallery halls, watching our Black Magic fashion show, and catching a glimpse of NFT influencers’ private Vudu collections from Nighthawke, Cardano Thor, and Big Joe.
Gian and Ruggero went on tour together throughout Asia - from Nepal to Thailand. Vudu Brigada’s nightclub and Black Magic fashion show were showcased as background installations during Gian’s live sets in front of thousands of EDM fans. Gian also sported Vudu Brigada x Gian Nobilee merchandise prototypes on his Instagram account daily, including a t shirt, Vudu earring, and Vudu Brigada Instagram filters.
Vudu Brigada will partner with Gian to create exclusive NFTs and merchandise, bridging his community with ours.