Vudu Brigada
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An exclusive 12 part series of animated zodiac Vuduz auctioned on Artano
Vudu Brigada launched a limited 12 month series featuring animated Vuduz in their zodiac form. Each represents one of 12 zodiac signs, capturing the esoteric meaning and depth of their personalities.
These animated Vuduz were auctioned on Artano from June 2022 through May 2023.
Still image versions were created (1 of 1) and gifted at random to Vudu Brigada Discord community members. A holder with a Leo Discord role, for example, was entered into a raffle for the 1 of 1 still image complementing the auctioned animated Leo Vudu. One winner was selected to win the Leo still image.
There are no plans to create additional zodiac Vuduz in the future. This collection is truly unique and exclusive to our community.