Vudu Brigada
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Powered by DropShop and Developer Collective.
Vudu Brigada was the first to launch an animated, 3D rigged customization platform in the Cardano NFT ecosystem.
VuduKammer was affectionately named after the German Wunderkammer - wardrobe of curiosities. This customization platform debuted our Genesis collection from November 2022 through February 2023.
Our community submitted their White Magic to be burned and mint their fully customized Genesis dollz, rising from the ashes to see another day, embracing the beauty of change and personal taste.
VuduKammer minted an NFT in “T” pose and a rigged 3D glb file. Use cases for this 3D glb file are currently being explored internal and external to Cardano.
VuduKammer is one of many lengths Vudu Brigada has gone to push NFT innovation forward into entertaining depths, accented by fashion and modern art.
VuduKammer was developed by Cardano developer agencies, DropShop and Developer Collective.