Vudu Brigada
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3D Design Workshop

Designing CNFTs with Ruggero
Vudu Brigada was the first Cardano NFT brand to launch a dedicated 3D design workshop in early 2022 - Designing CNFTs with Ruggero.
Ruggero is a renowned Italian photographer who has been awarded numerous accolades for his work in photography and design. Ruggero was a finalist of ASVOFF film festival of Diane Pernet in collaboration with Teatro dell'Arte della Triennale di Milano and Vogue Italia. Twice finalist of the International Talent Support in collaboration with Diesel and Mini Cooper. He was awarded second prize of the Biennale della Fotografia in Turin.
His work is shown in many international magazines, editorials, and advertising campaign, including: Beirendonck, Craig Green, Les Copains, Thamanya, and Stone Island, amongst countless others.
Ruggero served 8 years as lead professor of art direction at Polimoda Institute and 4 years as unit leader in Istituto Marangoni Firenze, Italy.
These invaluable, content rich classes are led by our lead artist, Ruggero, himself - master of 3D modeling, animation, and post production. Lessons were taught live and was a look over Ruggero’s shoulder at his digital artistry process.
This workshop is better than a Udemy course. You learn from the Renaissance Man himself.